As your natural gas provider, we believe that value lies in our ability to serve our customers. We keep your interests at the forefront of our business by offering more than just a commodity. We offer personal service, reliability, experience and most importantly, we offer you savings. By lowering your natural gas and operating expenses we can help increase your operational efficiency.

A Solid Foundation

Power Resources Operating Company, headquartered in Canton, Ohio, was established in 1981. The privately held corporation began drilling for natural gas and oil in response to investor interest in tax-favored investments. After state deregulation of natural gas in 1986, Power Resources began marketing the commodity to industrial, commercial and institutional customers throughout the state of Ohio . Through the company痴 alliance with a network of financially stable natural gas supply partners, Power Resources serves as an authorized agent in the buying and selling of natural gas. On behalf of their customers, Power Resources energy consultants negotiate the most favorable price of natural gas supply by locating the best supply source at any given time and delivering it to you with a variety of pricing options.

The Power Advantage

Large or small, Power Resources can help you save money on your gas bills without hassle. If you are currently being served by Dominion East Ohio Gas or Columbia Gas of Ohio, you are eligible to take advantage of the savings that Power provides its customers. Your current utility company will continue to read your gas meters and provide pipeline for the transport of your natural gas. In addition, they will continue to provide you with emergency service. The Power Resources team will locate the least expensive sources of natural gas, reducing your costs through direct gas purchases. They will then distribute natural gas through your utility company痴 existing pipelines, providing you with reliable natural gas when you need it.

Your Authority on Energy Savings!

At Power Resources, we are committed to finding you the best natural gas solution possible. Our knowledgeable team of energy consultants will give you the personal attention that you deserve and provide you with low cost energy solutions through non-regulated interests. We work for you to save you money.

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