Now you can SAVE on your Dominion East Ohio Gas or Columbia Gas bill!

Here's how it works:
  • Your local utility company will continue to read your gas meter and provide pipeline, equipment and emergency services.
  • Power Resources will deliver your gas supply to the utility company's distribution pipelines as directed by the gas company.
It's easy to save money with Power Resources, and you will have peace of mind knowing we can deliver reliable natural gas when you need it.

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We're Experts at Providing Low-Cost Solutions

As a non-regulated marketer of natural gas, Power Resources has the freedom and expertise to find less expensive sources of natural gas and pass the SAVINGS on to you. We also have an incentive, because we don't make money until we save you money.

We're Helping Companies Save on Natural Gas

Supplying inexpensive natural gas is just one way Power Resources can help reduce your expenses. We also act as your energy partner, providing customized products and service packages that identify more ways to save money. For example, a gas powered Cogeneration System may provide you with a much cheaper source of electricity. Our industry experts can determine if Cogeneration is right for your business, and if so, to what degree. (i.e. from peak shaving to total electric independence.)

How We Help Our Customers

Although natural gas transportation is not deregulated in all states, Power Resources is able to provide low-cost energy solutions through non-regulated interests.
  • Gas Savings - If you're a small-volume customer, you can still save on your natural gas compared to regulated sales rates.
  • Billing Flexibility - We provide a flexible combination of invoicing services, including customized invoices and management
  • reports.
  • Reliability - We guarantee no interruption in your gas service.
  • Procurement - We acquire natural gas on your behalf from our national network of suppliers, continually working to find you the best rates.
  • Capacity Management - We secure gas pipeline capacity, then use that capacity to reduce transportation costs and increase your savings.
To receive more information about our services, contact a Power Resources Energy Consultant.

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